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Welcome to Pin Up Curl

Pin Up Curl is Sarah Bloor; a specialist in glamourous old Hollywood hairstyling and designer of vintage inspired hair accessories and corsages 

Her love and passion of all things vintage came from attending a 1940’s weekend in Derbyshire some 14 years ago. From there the love, passion & obsession for hairstyles of a bygone era blossomed into the business you see today.

Specialising in looks from the 20's to the 60's, and modern vintage Hollywood waves ranging from full on authentic styling to a subtle nod to a bygone era, Sarah can curl and swirl, primp and preen, bouffant and beehive for your hairstyling pleasure. So, let the curls commence and the hairspray flow!

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Twinwood 2018 (‘av a banana)

“I’m pulling out of Twinwood”… you would not believe the amount of times I said that in the run up to my first Twinwood Festival. To a one-woman-band the thought of making enough stock for the country's biggest festival was incredibly daunting! Luckily I have an amazingly supportive, deft fingered, calm boyfriend who not only eased my panic but also made lots of flowers for me.  So August came, and after months of very long days, we packed 3 cars and off we went.

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