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Christenings, proms, awards, birthday/anniversary celebrations, themed parties & more!

Everyone loves having a special occasion to go to. Planning your look and buying a new outfit – it’s all so exciting! But what about your hair? If your hairstyling skills only stretch to ponytails and plaits, I'm here to help.

Be it a simple and elegant up do to an extravagant bouffant, to a full set of pin curls and brush out for some classic old Hollywood waves – leave your hair in my capable hands. If it’s a Christening or a day at the races, your prom or a wedding anniversary, take the stress out of getting ready, and have your hair done with Pin Up Curl.

Apart from weddings and larger sized parties I mainly work from home just outside Derby. Prices range from £40 and take 60 - 90 minutes per person depending on the style required, length and texture of your hair.

For additional services such as a make up artist, click here for some recommendations.

Commercial Photoshoots & Freelance Hairstyling

Please contact me about your needs. My full day and half day rates are very competitive considering the level of experience and knowledge I have in the glamourous styles of yesteryear and their modern versions.


Qu: Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

A: No, unless you have anything in particular you're planning to wear in your hair, such as a headband, or slide. And if you'd like a hair flower don't forget I have several at my home salon for you to choose from.

Qu: Should I wash my hair before my appointment?

A: No. Day old hair is much better to style than freshly washed hair, so washed the night before and blow dried straight is best, If you get particularly oily hair and have to wash it every day, then try and wash it as early as possible before the appointment time and dry it fully. Please also avoid using oils in your hair, as they also affect the curling process.  

Qu: I have frizzy hair and like to straighten it using hair straighteners to keep it neat. Can I do this before my appointment?

A: No! If you straighten your hair prior to seeing me it makes it very hard to style again with heat. This is because the bonds in your hair have already been temporarily broken with the heat, so heated curling becomes hard. I recommend blow drying it beforehand as advised above.

Qu: Can I have any style? 

A: Most styles are possible for everyone, but it will depend on the length and texture of your hair. I will advise you if a particular style isn't possible and suggest alternatives. If you have particularly thick and long hair please let me know so I can adjust the appointment time accordingly. 

Q: How long does it take?

A: The time it takes depends on the style you'd like. I allow 60-90 minutes, including the consultation. Hollywood waves on long hair take the longest time. 

Qu: I don't have time to have my hair styled on the day of my event, or there are no appointments available. Is having it styled the day before an option?

A: Absolutely! I do this for may of my clients. Vintage hair styles are all about structure, which lends itself well to overnight styles. After styling I'll pop a hairnet or two on to keep it all contained, along with clips if needed, and advise on how to protect it while sleeping and what to do on the day of your event.


£40 my home salon

£50 your venue*

Add £20 for Hollywood waves

 *Subject to distance and travel time. A travel surcharge of 55p per mile will be applicable. A minimum persons to style requirement is also applicable depending on travel time.

Pinup Curl