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Vintage inspired handmade accessories by Pin Up Curl

No outfit is complete without accessories, and a well-placed hair accessory and matching corsage will catch the eye and draw attention to how fabulous you look. The Pin Up Curl accessories range has amassed a large following and is know for quality, beautiful colour combinations, authenticity and dramatic vintage glamour!

From the 20’s to the 60’s, flower accessories and hats were paramount to any outfit and its resurgence has unearthed many beautiful true vintage flowers. Much of my hair accessories and corsages are made from actual vintage flowers, usually between the 30’s and 60’s and imported from all over the world. My dream is to prettify any hairstyle, vintage or otherwise, with a beautiful, real looking arrangements of flowers.

Along with hair flowers, I also create turbans, flower hats, 50s/60s inspired velvet hair bows and tasselled hair pieces. I also take custom commissions on a limited basis, working with my customers to create just what they want. This includes bridal pieces - working with someone to create a piece for such a special occasion as their wedding day brings me such joy! My accessories studio is an explosion of flowers. veiling and sparkles and it’s one of my favourite past times to trawl the internet for beautiful vintage flowers and sparkly things.

Be sure to look through my currently available accessories on Etsy, or get in contact for your very own unique custom piece! Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on new collection launches.


Pinup Curl